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Kinscherff Guitars In January, 2003, Kinscherff Guitars relocated to the Briarwood Ranch, just east of Wimberley, in the Texas Hill Country. The ranch owners allowed Jamie to build a 1500 square foot shop at one end of a large barn. After more than a month, construction was complete. By the first part of April, the first instruments built in the new shop were ready for delivery.
      The wood shop is the largest of Kinscherff Guitars' three shop areas. This is where basic millwork is done, and guitar parts are made. Main Shop
Main shop tour Jamie shows the main shop to Paul Cox and his son. The tools in the main shop are those common to most woodworking operations -- bandsaws, jointer, table saw, belt sander. This is where tops and backs are cut to shape, sides are profiled prior to bending, fretboards are made and slotted, and neck blanks are made.
        The "clean" room is a climate-controlled space where, after the parts are made, they are assembled into necks and bodies and, eventually, into finished guitars. Clean Room 1
Clean Room 2         Jamie in the Clean Room
One of the work areas in the Clean Room, with guitar tops in various stages of construction. All of the fine work, from carving necks to binding sides, is done here. A completed body hangs to the right. Workbench
Wood Storage 1 Wood to be used in building instruments is carefully stored. It is stacked with spacers between the pieces to allow unimpeded air flow.
Carefully stacked pieces of wood, waiting to become guitar parts. The stability of wood to be used in making guitars is very important! Wood Storage 2
Back and Sides A braced back and sides in the form used for assembly.
Tops, flat on the workbench.         Stack of tops
Finished body An assembled guitar body hanging between coats in the finishing process.
Headstock with custom inlay and neck, ready for finishing.         Headstock
Finishing room Jamie shows off the finishing room. This room must be very clean, and the air is carefully filtered. Note filter on back wall. Nitrocellulose lacquer is sprayed on the guitar necks and bodies before final assembly. It takes many coats of lacquer and lots of sanding between coats to create the high gloss finish you see on a Kinscherff guitar. After the last coats are applied, the guitar will hang for up to two weeks to allow the guitar to cure before it is brought up to the final high luster.
Three guitars recently completed.         Completed Guitars

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