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Ordering Your Kinscherff Guitar

1) Fill out the form below. You will received a confirmation of your order automatically. I'll 'do the math' and contact you with follow-up consultations.

2) A $500 deposit will hold your spot in the production schedule.

3) I'll contact you when it's time to start your instrument. At this point all final decisions must be made as to body style, wood choice and detailing. Also, it's time to make another payment! At this point, you need to add enough to your deposit to total 50% of the cost of your guitar.

4) It takes a few months to build, finish and perform final setup on most guitars. When your guitar is completed, I will notify you. The final 50% of the cost is required at this time, plus shipping costs.

5) Receive your new guitar and get to pickin' and grinnin'!

For Further Information, contact:

    Jamie Kinscherff
    Phone: 512-694-8288

Online Order Form

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Your Guitar Order:

The base price for all models is $6700, including fitted TKL hardshell case

Woods; Back and Sides
Woods: Soundboard

Popular Options:

Select your choice of options

"Sharp" cutaway: $500
"Soft" cutaway: $500
Barbwire motif: $700
Barbwire motif (gold): $900
Barbwire motif (rosette only): $400
Flower motif: $650
Flower motif (rosette only): $400
Celtic motif: $650
Celtic motif (rosette only): $400
#1 Weave (rosette only): $400
#2 Weave (rosette only): $400
Paua shell trim: $600
12 string model: $450
Baritone model: $350
Calton Flight Case: $600
Sunburst top: * contact for pricing
Pickup installation: * contact for pricing

Additional Specifications and Comments:

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