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    Healdsburg Guitars 2005

      Two guitars Jamie showed at the 2005 Healdsburg Guitar Festival

  High Noon in Madagascar Rosewood

  Mandolin Brothers' Stan Jay, master of guitar description, has this to say --
Jamie Kinscherff, guitar wunderkind of Wimberley, Texas, which we understand is right around the corner from the Collings colony in Austin, has done it again. His new guitar, a 16" small jumbo, made of our currently favorite geography lesson -- Madagascar rosewood and Adirondack spruce -- once again defies all expectations. One thing JK isn't is trite or derivative -- little about this guitar reflects the huggable traditions of the past. Even the body shape is refreshing -- 16" at the lower, 12-1/4" at the upper, 9-1/2" at the waist -- it reminds us of Queen Isabella. The soundhole isn't just pearl inlaid, it has a Tiffany necklace surrounding it -- a Celtic chain evidencing four individual rings of glitter with a Mobius strip of intertwining abalone at center, all set against a background of darkest ebony. The Madagascar fretboard is bordered with a crème stripe on three sides, and a squiggle of pearl at the 12th that looks suspiciously much like my signature (thanks, Jamie), and the Madagascar headplate with precisely matching arrowhead shaped truss rod cover is of two tone, dark against milk with spiders, and it, like the sides and back, look like the finest Brazilian rosewood your eyes have ever focused on. To say that this guitar is exquisite is the understatement of the week. It is one of the most beautiful (and supremely fine sounding) six-string vessels of vibration as we have recently encountered. It's the kind of instrument that will make you once again look forward to getting up in the morning. The body and neck are rosewood bound with a black-white-black Zeidleresque line under board and headplate veneer and with a white side and back border under the binding; the top and the back stripe are abalone inlaid with black-white on each side. The top is crème, parallel-grained perfect, clear (that means "without aberration" much like our spouses) Adirondack from extremely healthy trees that exercise for at least one hour daily, winter and summer, in and around Lake George. The angular yet curvy ebony hand-carved bridge tips its hat to Florida State University biochemist Dr. Michael Kasha who had profoundly novel ideas about guitar construction that set the world on its first string tuner starting around 1973. Tuners are G-Delta Series 510 with a 21:1 gear ratio and gold-plated buttons that look like frozen mercury (or The Terminator). But that mind-boggling book-matched back! The low action, the design, the glory! This piece goes so far beyond just being a great guitar, it is an instrument one can pray to.

  This guitar may still be available at Mandolin Brothers!

Madagascar Ebony High Noon
The Madagascar rosewood
back and sides of this guitar
are absolutely beautiful!

Madagascar Rosewood High Noon Back
The same beautiful Madagascar rosewood is
used on the tuning head. Note the matching truss-rod adjustment cover!   
Madagascar Rosewood High Noon Tuning Head

Sunburst Mahogany High Noon

Sunburst Mahogany High Noon

"Barbed Wire" Rosette
The rosette of this guitar features
Jamie's unique "barbed wire" design

Mahogany High Noon back
Natural colored, highly figured mahogany
is used for the back and sides of this High Noon

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