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    Healdsburg Guitars 2003

      Here are two of the guitars Jamie is taking to this year's Healdsburg Festival

Sunburst Mahogany High Noon Sunburst High Noon in Highly Figured Mahogany

Sunburst Mahogany High Noon Rosette

The rosette of this guitar features a barbed-wire motif,
with mother-of-pearl "wire" and 14k gold "barbs".
Sunburst Mahogany High Noon Back The mahogany used for the back of this guitar was left its natural color, to show off the unusual figure in the back. This wood is so amazing, it almost looks unreal...

...but as the closeup on the right shows, every swirl is the work of Mother Nature.
Sunburst Mahogany High Noon Back Closeup

Custom Sunburst Mahogany Concert Model

Sunburst Mahogany Concert Inlay

Each of the fretboard inlays on this guitar
depicts a desert scene.
Sunburst Mahogany Concert
Sunburst Mahogany Concert Back The mahogany of this guitar's back
is stained a more traditional red color.

In keeping with the Southwestern motif,
the headstock features a sun inlay.
Sunburst Mahogany Concert Headstock

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