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Vita Brevis, Carpe Guitarum!
(Life is short, seize the guitar!)

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Jamie in the shop
Jamie in his workshop.
    My journey into the life of a guitarmaker was the result of a natural progression. I started playing guitar in 1967. Being the curious person I am it wasn't long before I was experimenting with pawnshop wrecks. I actually made my first guitars in 1978, an electric and a dreadnought. I found gainful employment at the then-fledgling Taylor Guitars and worked there for a couple of years.

    In the early eighties I moved back to my native Texas, repairing and building instruments in Dallas. Wanderlust struck in 1986 and I decided to go on a walkabout. After about a year and a half of adventures that included travel in Europe , N. Africa, India and Nepal, I returned to the US and again found work at Taylor.

    By 1990 I was ready to move back to Texas, this time the capital, Austin. It was there that I made the first acoustic guitars under the Kinscherff name, and designed the models I now offer.

    Addie the dog and I moved to the country in spring of 1999. I live on a beautiful ranch in the Texas hill country along side the Blanco River. Kinscherff Guitars is a one man operation and these days I manage to build 18 to 20 guitars per year.

    My philosophy about luthiery is simple; Use the finest materials available and put into each instrument the engineering and craftsmanship that will result in excellent tone, playability and physical beauty.

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Kinscherff  News

Healdsburg Guitar Festival
August 19-21, 2005

Here are two of the guitars Jamie showed at the 2005 Healdsburg Guitar Festival.

Healdsburg Guitar Festival
August 14-17, 2003

Jamie will be exhibiting at Healdsburg. Here are some pictures of a couple of the guitars he will have there.

December 25, 2002

The "Gearbox" column in the February, 2003 edition of Acoustic Guitar Magazine includes a feature on Jamie! Check it out!

October 19-21, 2001

Jamie Kinscherff co-sponsored and attended the RMMGA "TX2" Gathering in Wimberley, Texas. Quite a few participants brought their Kinscherff guitars. Here are a few of them, being played by: Stan Milam, Jim Whelan, Al Sato (playing a new Kinscherff seven-string baritone), David Wellborn (playing a brand-new Kinscherff High Noon bought during the Gathering), and Jamie Kinscherff himself.

Jamie sponsored a " Cowboy Breakfast" on Sunday morning, down beside the Blanco River.

Healdsburg Festival, 2001

Jamie Kinscherff publicly announced the availability of the new Kinscherff Modified X Bracing System. After years of testing, Jamie has developed an innovative technique which reduces the overall weight of the top bracing by 17% with   no reduction in strength. Look here for complete details.

August 15-19, 2001

Kinscherff Guitars will be displayed at the 2001 Healdsburg Guitar Festival, in the middle of the California Wine Country. For complete information on this guitar-lover's dream event, visit the Healdsburg Festival Home Page.

March 23-25, 2001

Jamie Kinscherff attended the RMMGA "UK4" Gathering in Buxton, Derbyshire, England. Jamie and Jim Whelan both brought Kinscherff guitars, which were enthusiastically "tested" by the attendees. Here is a picture of Jamie with English luthier Alan Marshall, and another of Jim Whelan playing his Kinscherff.

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